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Explore N'Altitude Festival

What is N’Altitude Festival?

N’Altitude Festival combines sports, games, culture, tradition, food, music, entertainment and so much more following a sustainable and community-oriented approach that targets people of all ages and backgrounds. The participants will have the chance to choose between a variety of activities such as hiking, mountain biking, trail running, yoga, culture tours, games, etc.

N’Altitude Festival  is located high up in the Kelmend Region of North Albania, where the locals celebrate life through nature, adventure, music, and tradition. 2021 is the first edition of this festival located in Lëpushë, one of the most mesmerizing villages of the region that offers scenic views and chances for developing different outdoor activities.

Behind The Festival

N’Altitude Festival is an initiative of GIZ Albania as part of the "Sustainable Rural Development" programme implemented by Citrus Organization in partnership with leading Albanian companies, representatives of tourist agencies with years of experience, who have specialized in outdoor tourism and have received awards for new tourist offers and events. The festival is organized in close collaboration with the Municipality of Malësi e Madhe, Ministry of Tourism and Environment, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, the National Tourism Agency and is supported by the German Government.

The Mission

The festival aims to contribute towards sustainable tourism in North Albania, a region that is known by domestic and foreign tourists for its unique beauty, wild nature, and old traditions. The purpose is to support the local community by generating income through the promotion of the region during the days of the festival and connecting it with Albanian tour operators and outdoor tourism market for possible future collaborations.

Kelmend Region

Kelmend is located on the northern part of the Republic of Albania, bordering with Montenegro. It is one of the largest settlements of Malësia e Madhe. Kelmend region is home to some of the most impressive landscapes in the Albanian Alps.
After a dramatic journey through the spectacular mountainous road from Shkodra to Vermosh, passing through places like Qafa Rrapshit and the Tamara Bridge over the River Cemi, the traveler arrives in the villages of Lëpushë and Vermosh, located on a mountain valley created by the river also called Vermosh. 
On both sides of the valley, there are mountain slopes covered with forests and pastures that rise into view. There are 45 peaks with heights over 2,000 meters, each of them bearing an original name. It is known for its landscapes and snowfall which lasts about 100 days each year.

Lëpushë Village

Lëpushë is one of the most mesmerizing villages in the northernmost part of Albania in Kemend Region. It is where the main venue of the festival will be set. A land of natural beauty, which is named after a yellow-flowered plant, Lëpusha is surrounded by spectacular mountain slopes covered with forests and pastures.  The village consists of 4 groups of houses, which lie in two watersheds: in that of Vermosh and in that of Cemi, at an altitude of over 1260 m. Lëpusha is considered as the masterpiece of nature of Kelmendi and as the "pearl" of the Albanian Alps. High mountains with 5,297 ha of green pastures and forests grow here.

The People

People of the Alps are known in Albania for their hospitality and eagerness to help their guests in every way possible, their humor and their talent for telling stories about the past and local traditions. It is not unusual for the hosts of a guesthouse or a restaurant to sing to the sound of a lahuta (one-string traditional instrument) or a çifteli (two-string instrument).


Kelmend region is known for a large variety of local products and dishes. Tourists can try different ways of preparing meat and fish; maize and potato porridge (kaçimak), sour cream (maza), boiled cheese (djathë i zier), mishavinë cheese. In the gardens around the houses the families grow different vegetables, as well as the potato of Vermosh and different fruits like plums, grapes, cornel cherry , blueberries and pears. All produce is grown organically in the area, making a trip to Kelmend also a culinary experience.


The region is located in the cold climatic zone of the country, with cold winters and cool summers. The coldest month is January which reaches an average of  -8 ° C and the hottest month is July with temperatures of 18-20 ° C. Kelmend is one of the wettest areas in the country. The average number of rainy days is 140. The average thickness of snow is over 150 cm. The Cemi basin gets 2200 hours of sunshine a year and Vermosh 200 hours less.

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